Why ProPrudence?

Family Planning On Your Terms

The Help You Need

When You Need It

When we say it’s about people, we mean it. ProPrudence puts your needs at the center of everything we do. That’s true for attorneys and reproductive care experts and it is especially true for people seeking help. We know what it’s like to feel discouraged, we know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed. When you need to speak to an attorney or you need answers regarding your reproductive rights, we seek to provide you with the best option available to you. A Google search demands that you do a lot of work and it opens you up to some potentially unwanted data tracking. At ProPrudence, we want your connection to a subject matter expert to be as convenient as possible while also locking your private information behind a barrier that only you have the key to.

The Choice Is Yours

The convenience of automated intake combined with the unparalleled privacy of encrypted video … What could be better? Access. More access for everyone. As mentioned before, a Google search demands a lot of you, the user. Your search returns a ton of results that you’re forced to research and investigate, if you have that kind of time. More than that, it can often feel like there are barriers to entry. Looking for an attorney? How many calls will you be forced to make before you connect with an attorney that wants your case? Looking for a reproductive care expert? The clock is quite literally ticking. We can’t guarantee turnaround times, yet, but we can guarantee that the person you connect with wants to connect with you and cares about connecting with you . Our goal is to have every video call serviced within 48 hours. In our beta test, the majority of cases were converted to connections inside of 12 hours.

Convenience. Access. Privacy. Connect with an expert today.