ProPrudence for Attorneys

Qualified Clients: Just one video call away

You need modern instruments to generate new business for your practice. ProPrudence helps accelerate this process by generating qualified leads and connecting you via encrypted video to the leads you choose.

How It Works

ProPrudence vets and qualifies every lead. Our goal is to provide you and your support staff with the information you will need to be prepared for a productive first video meeting with your new client.

ProPrudence is committed to helping you grow your business.

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Reasonable Pricing Designed for Ease of Use

The ceiling is $99 per lead, we will discuss flex pricing in order to meet your firms needs. You only pay once you’re connected via video call. That’s it.

No up front costs, no monthly fees.

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What we’ll cover:

  • How ProPrudence works
  • Costs
  • How to succeed with ProPrudence


Practice Areas

Qualified Leads Connected Via Video

Family Law

Personal Injury

Immigration Law

Criminal Defense



Employment Law

Property Dispute