Get To Know Us

ProPrudence exists as a response to a simple question:

Why isn’t there an easy way to connect with an attorney in my area?

Who We Are

We are in the midst of the greatest renaissance since the Enlightenment Period. There is an economy attached to the knowledge people have. Within this Knowledge Economy, people need experts to help them in certain areas. ProPrudence is built to connect people with needs to people with expert level knowledge. There is social utility in connecting knowledge workers with the people who need them.

Who Is Prudence?

Technically, Prudence is a robot, but she is so central to what we offer, that we think of her as a highly valued employee.

Prudence (Pru, for short) works 24/7 without taking a day off and never complaining. She is tirelessly devoted to connecting people with expert level knowledge, like the right lawyer for them in each, individual legal circumstance. Lucky for us, she has a knack for getting it right on the nose nearly every time.

Prudence’s favorite things are: BBQ flavored microchips, virtual gaming,  and calling her Motherboard on the weekends.

Our Mission

Create a completely secure place for anyone in need of an attorney to both find and then connect with that attorney.