Introducing ProPrudence

Finding the right attorney has never been easier

Find and meet an attorney who matches your legal needs in just a few clicks. Let ProPrudence help with fast, free, first-class consultations with a licensed Florida or Georgia lawyer.

How It Works

Our goal is to make communicating with a lawyer as easy as Facetiming a friend.

Step 1

Share information about your case.

Step 2

Schedule an appointment
or connect immediately.

Step 3

Talk to a trusted lawyer.

Why Use ProPrudence?

In times of uncertainty, we all need guidance. When legal problems make you feel lost, ProPrudence can help light the way.

100% FREE for Clients

Your first consultation with a ProPrudence verified attorney is always free of charge.


Quick & Easy

It takes just a minute of your time to get the information we need for your case.

Privacy Guaranteed

Your secure, encrypted video consultation will ensure that privacy is guaranteed.

Commitment Free

You are not obligated to move forward with the attorney you connect with.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
ProPrudence provides connections to attorneys free of charge to verified client side users. ProPrudence encourages every client to discuss attorneys fees with their attorney.
How do I connect with an attorney?

Answer a few questions about your case, and ProPrudence will send you a link to connect to video through your phone.

Is it secure to use?
ProPrudence uses encrypted video technology to ensure your information stays confidential.
How long does it take to be connected to an attorney?
ProPrudence verifies every attorney and every lead prior to providing a connection. Our goal is to expedite connections as quickly as we possibly can.
What should I do if I make a mistake while talking to your bot?
It’s a simple fix. Clear your cache using CTRL + F5 and refresh your browser. Prudence (our bot) will be ready to start the conversation over.

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ProPrudence is the easiest way to coordinate a free video consult with a lawyer that matches your specific legal needs. Simply answer a few quick questions and we will send you a link to join a secure chat with a vetted professional.