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ProPrudence is not just an immigration consultancy, it is your immigration partner. ProPrudence is a platform designed to bring an entire marketplace of legal professionals directly to your virtual doorstep. Book an appointment with the legal professional of your choice or contact us and we’ll help you begin building a bridge to the result you want. Legal pathways right at your fingertips.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost?
  • Think of it as buying your immigration consultant’s time. Flat rate pricing in multiple increments.
  • Connections with a USCIS Forms Specialist qualified to help with document review and filling out forms are priced as follows:
    1. $60 for a one-hour case review
    2. $30 for a 30 minute case review
  • Connections with an Immigration Attorney are priced as follows:
    1. $120 for a one-hour case evaluation
    2. $90 for a 40 minute case evaluation
    3. $60 for a 20 minute case evaluation
How do I connect with an attorney or a forms specialist?

Answer a few questions about your case, schedule an appointment with a legal professional of your choosing, and ProPrudence will send you email and text links to connect to an expert via video. Safe, secure, convenient.

Is it secure to use?

ProPrudence uses encrypted video technology to ensure your information stays confidential.

How do i schedule my appointment?

Go to our Scheduling page and schedule a time of your choosing with the legal professional you want to connect with. All of our legal professionals are highly qualified. We encourage you to base your choice on their availability.

How do I know if I need a forms specialist or an Immigration Attorney?
  • Forms specialists are allowed to assist you with reviewing USCIS Forms, filling out USCIS Forms, and translating USCIS Forms. They may not provide legal advice or legal guidance.
  • Attorneys are licensed to assist you with a wide variety of immigration related legal issues. Attorneys can represent your interests in immigration adjudications, and they can most certainly provide guidance regarding how to handle your case. Two specific instances where it is advisable to hire an immigration attorney are 1) Employment based visa applications/work authorizations and 2) Deportation proceedings.
  • Please review the descriptions of the role of a forms specialist and the role of an immigration attorney on our immigration law page.
I need a complete case evaluation. what should i do?

While it is entirely your choice to meet with a forms specialist or an attorney, typically the more urgent the need is, the more likely it is you need to involve an attorney. Regardless, every freelance legal professional operating on our platform is ready to assist you. What’s really exciting is you can go into your meeting knowing the legal professional you’re connecting with has expressed an interest in the specifics of your case. They are saying “I want your case”!

ProPrudence has legal professionals ready to discuss a wide range of immigration related needs. From H1-B Visa applications to family based petitions to adjustment of status needs, ProPrudence is designed to connect you with a professional who can help you through all stages of your immigration process.



ProPrudence strives to meet every client’s needs when it comes to providing a legal professional who speaks a specific language. While we have a wide variety of language needs met, we cannot guarantee that there is a legal professional who speaks the language that you have indicated you prefer. When prompted, in addition to stating your preferred language, please also tell us your level of comfort with Spanish and English.

What happens after my meeting?

ProPrudence is built to connect legal professionals with prospective clients in a dynamic, real-time marketplace. Once your consultation is complete, both you and the legal professional have the choice to move forward working together on your case. Neither you nor the legal professional you connected with are required to continue working together. It is our hope that ProPrudence fosters lasting connections that build bridges to permanent residency or citizenship. 

What is ProPrudence's refund policy?

If your call is dropped due to a technical issue or because of user error, we will review the case details with the legal professional and it is within our discretion to issue a full or partial refund. If you are dissatisfied with your consultation, please use our customer feedback survey to explain why. We will contact you to discuss your complaints and to discuss the possibility of a refund. 

what types of cases does proprudence handle?

ProPrudence understands you are putting your faith and trust in the hands of our legal professionals. All legal professionals using the platform are highly qualified and have undergone a rigorous vetting process. The list of cases our professionals can handle would be too lengthy to list here but here’s a comprehensive overview:

H-1B Visas

Family Sponsored Petitions

Employment Sponsored Petitions

Travel Visas

Student Visas

Adjustment of Status



 T Visas

U Visas

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