Georgia Estate Law

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Plan For the Future

You can spend a lifetime accruing assets, debts, and property, but what happens to all of that after you’re gone?

Whether you’re married or single, have nine children or none, someone will be made responsible for determining what happens to your estate after you die. And without a legitimate estate plan, you will not have any say in who that person is.

It’s never too early (or too late) to start planning for the future. ProPrudence can connect you with a Georgia estate planning attorney today so you can make those important first steps toward settling your estate.

It's never too early to start planning for the future.
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Take Control Of Your Legacy

Georgia estate law will not accept handwritten wills scribbled on the back of a napkin. Making a valid estate plan requires concentrated effort (guided by legal expertise).

Without a will, it is up to the court to determine who inherits your assets and debts. Your surviving family members will have to deal with the stress of probate paperwork without warning.

Do you think your surviving spouse or child(ren) will be capable of making these types of decisions in the midst of their grief? This burden is better suited to an attorney who is familiar with your final wishes.

We Can Help

You may have done plenty of research on how to create a Georgia will or trust. But no book or blog post can tell you how to handle your estate when you’re gone. Only a Georgia estate lawyer will be able to provide you with the customized guidance and advice you need to make sure your final wishes are followed.

Creating a valid estate plan doesn’t happen accidentally. We encourage you to explore the world of estate planning at your own pace.

But when you’re ready to move forward, we highly recommend working with a Georgia estate law attorney to prepare and/or review the documents you need.

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