Get to know us

ProPrudence exists as a response to a simple question: Why isn’t there an easy way to connect with an attorney in my area?

Our Mission

Create a completely secure place for anyone in need of an attorney to both find and then connect with that attorney.


We set to work on creating the most modern switchboard available. That switchboard then needs to connect to a virtual room for private meetings with legal professionals, a virtual space for your attorney to learn more about your specific legal needs. Our secure, end-to-end encrypted video connections provideĀ that space for you and your attorney. Think of it, a peer-to-peer connection with the legal professional who has chosen your case. Both of you taking an active role in establishing a relationship.

This is our platform. We have built it so you can find an attorney and meet with them in a totally private setting. You now have that power at your fingertips. A modern switchboard, indeed.

Let us help you connect today.